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Stylish Handheld Pet Nail Trimmer

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    Stylish Handheld Pet Nail Trimmer
    Have your furniture and floors been scratched by your pet's paws? You can say goodbye to this problem thanks to our handheld pet nail trimmer.

    Our nail trimmer is different from the usual nail clipper. It has a precise emery filing wheel that trims your pet's nails smoothly without any mess or pain. It is also safe to use, gently removing the thin layers of the nails with its special round trimmer design. It is much better for your pet's nails when compared to a traditional clipper. It works well for both cats and dogs, and its ability to work with both can save you money. As a pet keeper, this trimmer should appeal to you for its great features and low price. Why not order one now?

    1. Trims pet's nails smoothly and painlessly.
    2. Safely removes the thin layers of the nail.
    3. Works for both cats and dogs.
    4. Low price offered by ANKAKA.

    Manufacturer Specifications:
    Suitable pats: Cat & Dog
    Dimension: 24.2 x 3.3cm/9.5 x 1.3in(L x Dia.)
    Package size: 29.5x14.5x4.5cm

    Package List:
    1 X Stylish Handheld Pet Nail Trimmer
    1 X English Manual


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