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Quit Smoking Kit - 3 Refills Rechargeable Electronic Cigarettes

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    Quit Smoking Kit - 3 Refills Rechargeable Electronic Cigarettes

    This is an upgrade version of the electronic cigarette kit, with 3 refills, rechargeable through a regular charger or USB cable.  It is a safety product that is non-cancerous and great kit to help you quit smoking.  Often time is difficult when you have a strong urge to smoke, but the electronic cigarette can help to give the nicotine you need throughout the day to focus better.  Also, those around you won’t be a victim of secondhand smoking since there is no tobacco and no real smoke.  To sum up, this electronic cigarette is one of the healthier ways to assist you better on achieving your goal of quit smoking, and a greater chance of decreasing the risk of developing diseases.  


    Absolutely one of the best devices  for quitting smoking
    Power-saving: rechargeable
    Safety and non-cancerous product
    There is a 10 second cut-off for each puffs smoking

    Manufacturer Specifications:

    Materials: Stainless steel
    Liquid of Atomizer: 2.0 ml per atomizer
    Puff Amount: 300 each filling
    Charging Duration: 2 ~ 3 hours
    Wall Charger: AC 100 ~ 240V, 50/60 Hz
    Output: DC 4.2V
    USB Input: 5V
    USB Output: 4.2V
    Battery Capacity: 650 Mah
    Battery Life: up to 300 times recharging
    Cigarette Size: 12cm x 1.2cm
    Certificate: CE/ROHS/ISO9001
    Ankaka Wholesale Ref.: HWOAINHDLFKHNLGJFGJ

    Package List:

    1 x Quit Smoking Kit - 3 Refills Rechargeable Electronic Cigarettes
    2 x Atomizers
    1 x USB Cable
    2 x Battery
    3 x Refills
    1 x English Manual

    Quit Smoking Kit – 5 Refills Rechargeable Electronic Cigarettes

    Energy-saving: Rechargeable 650 mAh Batteries

    Quit Smoking Kit – 5 Refills Rechargeable Electronic Cigarettes

    Puff Amount: 300 each filling

    Quit Smoking Kit – 5 Refills Rechargeable Electronic Cigarettes

    No leakage,huge vapor


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