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Quick and Painless Electric Threading Hair Remover

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    Quick and Painless Electric Threading Hair Remover

    Instead of using painful and damaging needles, lasers, or electrical shocks, this electric threading hair remover permanently gets rid unwanted hair by using a low frequency radio wave. It precisely removes the root of even the smallest hairs, ensuring that hair will not grow back. This device is the easiest, fastest, and most painless way for you to remove hair because there is no waxing, bleaching, tweezing, or shaving involved.

    Pinpoint precision in all directions
    Removes hair from the root without damaging the skin
    Can use at anytime
    Quick and Painless to use
    Easy to clean
    Keeps your face smooth for up to 6 weeks

    Manufacturer Specifications:
    Color: white
    Small size makes it great for travel
    Suitable for all skin types
    Safely removes hair - leaves no cuts or nicks
    Designed to remove even the smallest, finest hairs (except eyebrows)
    Application: face, lip, chin, knees, cheeks, toes, bikini, and underarms
    Power: 2 x  Batteries (not included)

    Package list:
    1x Quick and Painless Electric Threading Hair Remover
    1x User Manual in English


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    Please can you advise me on the display packaging are they individualty boxed [ANKAKA REPLIED]This product is packaged individually in a plastic box.

    2011-09-22 03:25:38 Olivia